Chinese wholesale X Ray Machine X - Inclined Downward Single Beam X-ray Inspection System for Bottles, Jars and Cans – Techik

*Product Introduction:
Inclined downward single beam X-ray inspection system is with software specifically tailored to inspect objects in all regions of cans, tins and bottles. Inclined downward single beam is with adjustable inspection range based on different dimensions of cans and bottles Inclined downward single beam can achieve the inspection of filling levels Inclined downward can achieve better performance for contaminants sinking at the bottom part of the cans and bottles *Parameter


X-ray Tube

MAX. 120kV, 480W

Max Detecting Width


Max Detecting Height


Best Inspection Ability

Stainless steel ball Φ0.5mm

Stainless steel wire Φ0.3*2mm

Glass/Ceramic ball Φ1.5mm

Conveyor Speed



Windows 7

Protection Method

Protective tunnel

X-ray Leakage

< 0.5 μSv/h

IP Rate

IP54 (Standard), IP65 (Optional)

Working Environment

Temperature: -10~40℃

Humidity:30~90%, no dew

Cooling Method

Industrial air conditioning

Rejecter Mode

Push rejecter

Air Pressure


Power Supply


Main Material


Surface Treatment

Mirror polished/Sand blasted

The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by inspecting only the test sample on the belt. The actual sensitivity would be affected according to the products being inspected. *Packing
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