All Products of Shanghai Techik Boost Baking Industry’s Fast Development under Internal & Outer Economic Cycle

From April 27 to 30, 2021, the 23rd China International Baking Exhibition was held in Shanghai Pudong New International Convention and Exhibition Center, where Shanghai Techik brought its new generation products to demonstrate the clients and visitors its enterprise strength. This exhibition covers an area of more than 220,000 square meters as well as has thousands of new industry products and hundreds of industry events, attracting more than 2,300 new and old exhibitors and nearly 300,000 professional buyers.
As the Asia-Pacific excellent international trade exhibition platform for the whole industry chain of baking industry, the world’s leading baking industry event, China International Baking Exhibition has been committed to promoting the overall development of China’s baking sugar products industry. Every year attracts industry talents from all over the world to participate in the event. In the Techik booth, a variety of products such as intelligent X-ray inspection system, metal detector, and combo metal detector and checkweigher were placed, providing customers with online detection of baked foods, raw material sorting, reverse detection of deoxidizers, and aluminum foil packaging detection. Techik’s intelligent detection solution is rich in products and involves multiple links in the baking industry. 
Because baking products can not avoid manual participation in the processing, there will be a risk of foreign body falling, such as long line, plastic wire, metal wire, etc., which seriously affects the consumer experience and damages the brand image.
It is known that X-ray has different absorption rate to different objects, which reflects in the X-ray image as images with different gray levels. Therefore, Techik’s X-ray inspection system, which takes advantage of the above principle, can achieve the low product effect, large detection range and various products detection. In addition, the high precision and high stability X-ray inspection system, based on the latest TIMA platform high-definition imaging system, has very good image imaging effects; moreover, its significant self-adaptation and self-learning functions can effectively help customers identify good and bad products.
As the preferred foreign object detection solution provider for the whole industry chain of the baking industry, Shanghai Techik has been committed to providing better quality products for the baking industry to ensure food safety. In 2021, Techik will continue to forge ahead and create more high-performance products for the baking industry.