Helping Powder Products into Impurity Era, Shanghai Techik Equipment Stunned FIC2021

On June 8-10,2021, the 24th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2021) was held at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. As one of the vanes of the food additives and ingredients industry, the FIC exhibition not only presents new scientific research and technological achievements in the industry, but also provides opportunities for full contact and exchange for all links of the industrial chain. The FIC2021 exhibition has a total area of 140,000 square meters and more than 1,500 participating enterprises, welcoming tens of thousands of professional audiences to watch the exhibition and share the development and trade opportunities of the food industry.

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern food industry, the constantly increasing varieties of food additives and ingredients, the continuously rising production, relevant enterprises pay increasingly high attention to the production line detection and inspection equipment. Shanghai Techik (booth 1.1 pavilion 11V01) brought its classical products including metal detector and X-ray inspection machine to the exhibition, which provided solutions for the detection of foreign body contaminants of food additives and ingredients.


Shanghai Techik Team

Exhibition Overview

 As a long-awaited event in the industry, FIC has a steady stream of visitors. Shanghai Techik team listened carefully to visitors’ needs, explained the product details, and showed customers the intuitively detection effect, proving the professionalism of Shanghai Techik team with practical actions.

In the process of raw material procurement, storage and processing, metal impurities in raw materials, metal wire, metal debris and other foreign objects produced produced by damaged equipment internal screen network are often unavoidable. And the corresponding quality problems and customer complaints also worry manufacturers. In order to avoid contaminants involvement, the application of foreign body detection and sorting equipment is becoming more popular.

Aiming at the food additives and ingredient industries with more powder and granular products, Shanghai Techik has developed a Compact and High-precision Gravity Fall Metal Detector. It has an enhanced probe solution, and the detection sensitivity and stability have been improved. The detection range is wider, which can quickly detect metal foreign bodies in the product and improve production efficiency.

For small and medium-sized packaging and unpackaged products, such as garlic slices, other spice raw materials, dehydrated vegetables and other ingredients, the high-speed high-definition intelligent X-ray machine launched by Shanghai Techik not only can efficiently detect tiny metal and non-metal foreign objects, but also can carry out all-round inspections of missing and weighing products, making production and processing easier. Shanghai Techik’s company and equipment strength  can be seen from the praise and recognition by professional audiences during on-site equipment testing.

Other exhibits in Shanghai Techik booth include: Compact Economical X-ray Inspection System, High-precision Metal Detector, Standard Checkweigher, Chute Type Compact Color Sorter. All machines are the sincere work of Shanghai Techik, tailored according to the demand of weighing, sorting and detecting of condiments, additives and other products.


Shanghai Techik FIC2021 Booth


FIC 2021 Professional Audience Consultation


Shanghai Techik Team Communicating with Audience


Shanghai Techik Detection Test

Product Overview

During FIC 2021, Shanghai Techik displayed a number of the following detecting and inspecting equipment, bringing the overall solutions from research and development to the production stage of various products in the food additives and ingredient industry.

 01 Intelligent X-ray Inspection System—High-Speed HD TXR-G Series


02 X-ray Inspection System—Economical TXR-S Series


03 Metal Detector-High Precision IMD Series


04 Metal Detector-Compact High-precision Gravity Fall IMD-IIS-P Series


05 Checkweigher– Standard IXL Series


06 Color Sorter–Chute Type Comapct TCS-DS Series