[New Product] Opening the “Meat Inspection 2.0 era”!

In order to explore foreign body detection products that are in line with the market demand, Techik Shanghai has conducted in-depth research and launched the dual energy residual bone detection X-ray machine in view of the current industry pain points, and opened the “meat inspection 2.0 era”. Not only for common physical pollution foreign bodies (metal fragments, glass fragments, plastic and rubber compounds), but also for soft bone, brittle bone and other low-density bones, it can also be rejected.

On the express train equipped with TIMA platform, dual energy bone detection special X-ray machine integrates three core technologies, breaking the dilemma of meat residual bone detection, realizing the high-precision detection of industrial problems such as low density (clavicle, sternum, scapula, rib), uneven meat quality, overlapping of tested products, and large product effect, which provides a set of efficient solutions for meat residue detection in food processing industry Solutions.




01 Cloud hawk double measurement holographic dual energy intelligent algorithm technology            

The AI multidimensional dual energy detection algorithm technology independently developed by Techik can input the high and low energy signals into the PC, and through a series of data processing and calculation of the attribute value related to the material equivalent atomic number, the high and low energy images are finally automatically compared in the software to detect whether there are foreign matters with atomic number difference in the products, so as to increase the detection rate of foreign matters.     

02 Virtual 3D imaging technology

When transmitting meat products, 3D image recognition effect is presented based on dual energy processing system. With holographic dual energy intelligent algorithm technology, meat products can be analyzed in all directions, thus greatly improving the detection accuracy of meat products.            

03Nondestructive meat quality testing technology

Techik dual energy X-ray machine can not only detect conventional foreign bodies, cartilage, crispy bone and other industrial problems, but also achieve non-destructive meat quality detection technology, which can accurately separate fat and protein in meat, and accurately and non-destructive measurement. From bulk products to packaging products, it can carry out a large number of online rapid detection, with short time, high precision, simple data processing and low cost.