“Smart Vision Supercomputing” Intelligent Algorithm Assits Techik Inspection and Sorting Equipment to Achieve Higher Performance

In order to develop new technologies and new functions, Shanghai Techik continues to promote research and development, and conduct a large number of technical attempts to provide solutions to industry difficulties.

Shanghai Techik’s new-generation “Smart Vision Supercomputing” intelligent algorithm has greatly improved the sorting and detection effect of irregular and complex products. Different from humans who are expert in distinguishing similar but different items, the new generation “Smart Vision Supercomputing” intelligent algorithms can not only capture features that are difficult to quantify by the human eye, but also have the advantages of the consistency of traditional machine vision. In practical applications, it can achieve detection accuracy that is difficult to match with traditional equipment.

Techik’s new generation of intelligent X-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing, leakage, equipped with “Smart Vision Supercomputing” intelligent algorithm and high-speed high-definition TDI technology detectors, not only has the function of foreign body detection at all levels of density, but also can be used for testing sealing oil leakage and sealing clips, product weight and etc, and the conveyor speed can reach 120m/min.

 Small Packaged Food Testing

Small Packaged Food Testing

Techik’s new generation intelligent belt color sorter, with the “Smart Vision Supercomputing” intelligent algorithm and high-definition visible light and infrared sensors, has excellent recognition capabilities for subtle differences in form and color, and can sort nuts and other materials by quality, color and shape and eliminate miscellaneous impurities.

Techik’s new-generation single-beam three-view canned X-ray inspection machine, supported by a unique light source layout and “Smart Vision Supercomputing” intelligent algorithm, improves the detection effect of irregular bottles, bottle bottoms and other difficult-to-detect parts.

Foreign Body Detection Case at Bottom of Metal Can

Foreign Body Detection Case at Bottom of Metal Can