Techik’s Flagship version · four camera composite double view big Beige sorter with strong attack, making sorting easier

In our daily life, moldy, insect eaten rice and corn, sprouted or mixed with stones, glass beans and so on, all seriously threaten our life and health. How to put an end to these hazards from the source and protect life safety is enough to arouse the attention of us.


The application of color sorter in rice processing industry aims to reject mildew, disease, yellow glandule, stone, glass and other impurities. The rapid improvement of rice yield and quality also points out the direction for the technical development of rice color sorter. At present, the color sorter has adapted to the needs of large-scale rice production and high-precision, and derived a variety of functions, such as equipment deep learning, intelligent cloud control, and better adapt to the development of human-computer cooperation. However, there are still some problems in practical application, such as low detection accuracy and excessive processing resulting in nutrient loss. This time, at the time of the grain and oil exhibition, Shanghai Techik’s flagship version · four camera composite double view big Beige sorter came strongly.



To provide quality products

With the excellent high-definition 5400 pixel full-color sensor and the function of shape and color sorter, flagship rice  color sorterhas brought the rice industry into a clean era. Shape separation can realize the separation of long grain rice and round grain rice, as well as the separation of whole rice, large broken rice and small broken rice; color separation can realize the separation of yellow and white broken rice at the same time, making the sorted rice particles full, transparent color and locking nutrition. Techik‘s core selection function can simultaneously have multiple color selection modes such as heterochromatic particle positive selection, heterochromatic particle reverse selection, powder plasmid positive selection, powder plasmid reverse selection, yellow and white simultaneous selection.           

Stainless steel 304 is used in the contact part of rice, and the chute with heating device is specially anodized, which can not only prevent rice from adhering to the channel surface, but also reduce the rice temperature after multi machine milling and polishing to a certain extent, and improve the color separation effect.           

In addition to the sorting function, flagship rice  color sorter can also be used as online detection equipment to count the content of various defective products and broken rice when rice passes through the color separation section, and record, upload and alarm the data.